The properties of cannabis

Ice Cream Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created by crossing the delicious Gelato #33 The taste is extremely delicious and according to the popularity of breeders. Perfect for Indica lovers, Gelato is sweet and creamy with vanilla. With cake and fresh fruit The delicious aroma is similar to vanilla with hints of cream, sugar and fruit. The sensation of smoking is just as amazing as the taste, with a soothing sensation that relaxes the body. Which is suitable for those who are looking for cannabis in Thailand while entering a certain level of mental state. It will make you talkative and laughing from start to finish. Laugh at everything around you for hours. This comes with a slight sedative high that instantly couch-locks you without making you too sleepy. With these effects and an average THC level of 20-26%, gelato is ideal for treating chronic pain, depression, or mood swings. and chronic stress or anxiety This bud has fat, dense, popcorn-shaped, olive-green nodules. Has some orange fur. and coated with tiny gold-white crystal trichomes.

- Laughing / Relaxed / Talkative