The Cannabis Network would like to keep an eye on the future of what the draft Cannabis Act will be like. Wide impact beyond just entrepreneurs But it also includes employees and employees who will lose their jobs... while the business sector mobilizes on May 28 to submit a letter to the Prime Minister.

As soon as "Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin" Minister of Public Health accepted the official position and gave media interviews about the policies that will be implemented. It is clear that they want to move forward with dismantling the ministerial regulations. The total amount of possession was 5 methamphetamine pills, remaining 1 methamphetamine pill, and amended the ministry's announcement. Bring marijuana back to category 5 drugs and hasten to issue ministerial regulations allowing its use for medical and health purposes only. This is in accordance with the policy of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, who ordered earlier.

In addition, on May 21, 2024, there was also a meeting to expedite the preparation of laws and regulations of the Ministry of Public Health. which is considering various laws of the ministry and of course must include Drug Code Only in the treatment and social rehabilitation of drug addicts. There are provisions that must be issued accordingly. There are 9 such acts, currently 8 have been completed, with 1 remaining. The meeting is expected to be completed this September. with Mr. Wichai Chaiyamongkol, Advisor to the Minister of Public Health Chairing the working group It shows that the matter of methamphetamine and marijuana will definitely follow the Prime Minister's policy...

But what you need to keep an eye on is the cannabis issue. at Mr. Somsak Once the direction has been determined Communication has been given to Dr. Worat Chotpitayasunon. Spokesperson of the Department of Mental Health Become a cannabis spokesperson To communicate about this matter It means that From now on, the steps If the media asks for information, ask “Dr. Warot” because the steps from now on will follow the government process. And according to the specified law, does it show that there is a tendency to return it as a category 5 drug or not? Or will there be an attempt to create another draft of the Act or will the draft be revised? Acts that were in the committee stage previously

It is still a question for the various parties. Whether it's a support or opposition party, the party agrees with the policy of bringing marijuana. Turned into a drug, like a network of 63 doctors and academics signed up to support and submitted an open letter to the Prime Minister, Minister of Public Health and Minister of Justice While Nida Poll did a survey of opinions. Most agree with bringing it back as a drug.

As for the opponents of the policy, such as the Thai Cannabis Future Writing Network, led by Mr. Prasitchai Noonuan, secretary-general of the Thai Cannabis Future Writing Network. Has traveled to the Ministry of Public Health to submit a letter of objection Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Minister of Public Health, came to receive it in person, as well as Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thawatchai Kamontham, Chairman of the Medical Marijuana and Medical Herbs course. Allied Health Sciences Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University and former Director-General of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine also came to submit objections to this policy.

May 28, affected people gathered to petition the Prime Minister.

Mr. Akradet Chakchinda, coordinator of the Thai Cannabis Future Writing Network, told Hfocus that the network will hold a meeting to continuously follow up on this matter. Previously, the network wrote about the future of Thai cannabis. has submitted a letter to the Prime Minister at Government House on June 9, 2023. This round, which will be on May 28, will be for marijuana entrepreneurs. that will be affected if marijuana is reintroduced as a drug They will gather together. It belongs to the Nationwide Marijuana Business Association. There will be a stage in front of the United Nations. and there will be a representative to submit to the government

I must say that cannabis entrepreneurs There are many parts of business that are affected. Both the Cannabis and Hemp Industry Council, which is a large company And there will be more subtleties, starting with the general public. shop owner, business owner and employees All are affected. For example, if the government turns marijuana back into a drug. The preliminary calculated impact is estimated to be more than 10,000 million baht, which he thinks the damage will definitely be greater than this.

Employees will lose their jobs as a result of the policy. Marijuana is a drug

“It is clear that if marijuana is turned back into a drug. Not just an entrepreneur Business owners are affected, citizens, patients, and employees working at previously licensed shops will definitely lose their jobs. On average, a general marijuana shop will have 2-3 employees. Every shop that opens will be affected,” Mr. Akradet said.

There is a question about the solution to this matter. What should it be like? Mr. Akradet thinks that the draft of the Marijuana Act should be expedited because he has been waiting for 2 years. The network has been involved and has been represented at the committee level. Since the past government Currently, there are 4 draft bills and they are being processed in stages. We have listened to opinions from all sectors. Why don't they push for the existing law, but instead consider "marijuana" to be a drug, which is a completely different world? Going backwards a lot When released from drugs It has gone through various stages and will suddenly change back and forth.

“Is this matter only related to Section 18 or not, which is why we don't want villagers to plant or what? Because really, the principle is that villagers grow in their households. Take care of your health but don't sell it. As for the business sector, they must follow the law. Permission is required. Invested a lot.”

Healing the affected person but wasting time

If there is compensation for those affected... Mr. Akradet said that compensation based on actual value is another matter. But is it a waste of time? that has invested to this extent And this is an opportunity for Thailand to push the cannabis business. Can go further than this. Suddenly came to cut off this opportunity. people doing business For example, startups have lost all their opportunities. Now marijuana is considered a villain, even though it can be used for good. If there are laws, they will be able to control and prevent things they are worried about.

“The main thing is that there must be a law to control it. We are not against the law. We want to have a draft law to control it, Don't throw it away. It's actually a lost opportunity from the time cannabis was unlocked. But the draft bill was not passed, which may have been intentional. Or not intentionally. The point is, when unlocked There must be a level of law. The Control Act would have helped a lot, but there hasn't been any, and now they're going to turn it back into a drug. It's going backwards again. I don't understand why the pending draft bill isn't being pushed to completion. Everything is finished.” Network Coordinator Concluding remarks