Kanchanaburi - cannabis people gathering! Ask the Prime Minister oppose conduct of cannabis into drugs. Community enterprise network Phuket Cannabis Association People's Alliance Network cannabis shops across the country and cannabis growers' groups are calling on the Prime Minister. Stop the repurposing of cannabis as a drug. Repeal the current draft law.

Submitting demands and drafting the Citizens' Cannabis Act to the Prime Minister

Today (28 May) in front of the United Nations, Ratchadamnoen Road, Dusit District, Bangkok, Mr. Wisart Pojprasat, President of the Western Herbal Settlement Community Enterprise Network. Ms. Natthanyaradee Pipatchaisiri Vice President of the network drafting the cannabis and Hemp Act, Public Sector, CMO Green Wellness Innovation, leader of the Medical cannabis Act group. Mr. Poonwarit Wang Phattharawanich President of the Phuket Cannabis Association, Mr.Aram Limsakul (Uncle Dam), cannabis expert and resident doctor, Dr.Watich Thanawarattanon, President of the 1st generation, Managing Director of Goldenleaf Thailand, along with Mr. Ittisak Yuenchaichon, joined together with medical academics. Thai traditional modern medicine. Including more than 1,000 people in the public sector network and cannabis traders from all over the country, submitted demands and drafted the People's Cannabis Act to the Prime Minister.

oppose conduct of cannabis into drugs.
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Submit a request to register with the signature of the objector.

Ready to submit a request for registration and signature of the protestor. According to the letter of intent,he does not want cannabis to be used as a drug. Express your opposition to the return of cannabis to being a drug. To the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Public Health, The demands will include: 

  • Asking to cancel the return of cannabis to being a drug. 
  • Asking to amend the Centralization Act. Consideration of permission and legal issues of interfering with the authority and duties of traditional Thai medicine and modern medicine. Discriminatory export enforcement that would give authority to Food and Drug Administration officials. And the Narcotics Committee until it became an unnecessary control power.
  • Economic damage of more than three hundred billion baht to economic crops for which the government and officials are responsible. 
  • The government's confidence in the use of laws without principles of good governance. 
  • Demands from the party Bhumjaithai present themselves as the centerpiece for helping solve such problems because it is the policy of the Bhum Jai Thai Party. If ignored, the People's Network Party will file a petition to dissolve the Bhum Jai Thai Party. Because the policy statement does not complete the process and will not support this party any longer. 
  • Have the Prime Minister review this Act and bring the draft People's cannabis  Act onto the agenda for consideration. If the said demands are not considered or resolved, there will be a large gathering again at Government House.

In comments from Thaiweedland, the sudden cancellation of the liberalization of cannabis or its introduction into the drug category. It can cause huge economic losses to farms and cannabis shops. To control the use of cannabis there should be stricter laws for youth and those who use it illegally.

ref: https://mgronline.com/local/detail/9670000045887