The "Cannabis Network" plans a large rally on Thai Cannabis Day on June 9 in front of the United Nations before moving to Government House. The announcement will be extended until the government accepts conditions for using scientific data to determine the status of marijuana. A group of marijuana growers prepares to petition the administrative court. If the government insists on bringing marijuana back to being a drug.

On May 28, 2024, the Thai Cannabis Future Writing Network was led by Mr. Prasitchai Noonuan, secretary-general of the network, along with ML Rungkhun Kitiyakorn, Mr. Akaradej Chamchinda, Ms. Chokwan, Kitty Chopaka and the network group. cannabis Gathered in the area of ​​the Government Building, Government House. To set the tone for the big movement on May 9, 2024, then moved to the United Nations (UN) office on Ratchadamnoen Road to announce preparations to sue the Administrative Court. If the state brings back marijuana as a drug Cause damage to citizens and community enterprise groups.

 Mr. Prasitchai said that this movement To bring the rights of marijuana into the hands of the people. No one denies controlling cannabis, but it will be controlled by using drug laws or specific laws at the legislative level. Tools must be analyzed to see which tools are effective in both use and control as well as able to support changes in future situations. When we use drug laws, we take marijuana back to prison so that specific groups of people can grow it, and those specific groups of people can produce and process marijuana to sell to the public. The Ministry of Public Health claims to use cannabis for medical purposes, but when it is classified as a drug, people will buy expensive cannabis produced by pharmaceutical companies because they can meet the conditions set by the government. This has been a phenomenon in England. Found that Prescribed marijuana makes it inaccessible to the public

 “If cannabis is controlled by legislation at the Act level, it will be possible to design a systematic mechanism from developing strains to processing and being able to issue flexible rules to accommodate changing situations in the future, especially consumer protection measures. But the reason why the state does not choose to control by The Act is because it is the law. The Act is a law that can set rights for the people and not monopolize marijuana for any group, so it is not desired by those holding state power who are responsible for setting rules that favor big capitalists,” Mr. Prasitchai said.

Mr. Prasitchai also said that what the network demands is Requesting the use of scientific data and research is an important condition in determining the status of the cannabis plant. Two sets of scientific data will be prepared, consisting of: 1. Data comparing three characteristics of between alcoholic beverages Cigarettes and marijuana Three features include Pros and cons that happen to the body Disadvantages that occur in society and properties in curing disease or nourishing the body If you compare the three properties and find that marijuana is more serious in every dimension, then bring marijuana back to control under the Narcotics Act. But if all three properties are not more serious, then bring marijuana under control under the Act. and 2. Set up a joint committee between the public sector and the government sector to conduct a survey and research on the results that occur after the unlocking of marijuana on June 9, 2022. If the results of the research find that over the past two years, marijuana Causes serious harm to society and does not benefit society in terms of economy and health. Marijuana should be controlled by drug laws. But if marijuana has been used to treat disease in the past, government hospitals have refused to treat it until it is cured and the disease Another basis that is being implemented throughout the country is beneficial to the health condition of the people is to bring marijuana back to the people by controlling it by law at the Act level.

Mr. Prasitchai Also noted that To control marijuana in any form, data from research will be the answer. It is strange for this country to have the people stand up and tell the government to use scientific principles and processes in policy making. The cannabis phenomenon is another phenomenon where the Pheu Thai Party is enjoying the power it has gained to lead to a new control of the country's interests back into the hands of a single group of people once again. We cannot allow this country to be dictated by the whims of others. Public policy determination must be based on correct principles. The people of this country have lost a lot to big capital groups. Two families control the beer business worth hundreds of billions a year. Cannabis is a plant worth hundreds of billions and is something they are targeting to regulate. Thai people can use cannabis, but must buy it from their own businesses, which control the cultivation and processing. Finally, one tree will still be stolen by the Pheu Thai Party from the people. This is the behavior that the Pheu Thai Party has always done.

Therefore, the Thai Cannabis Future Writing Network would like to announce a rally to bring awareness to the Pheu Thai Party government that this land belongs to the people, not just one group of people, and when the Pheu Thai Party holds power, the state must use the power in the right way. Marijuana status must be determined through a scientific process. If the Pheu Thai Party still insists on bringing marijuana back into drugs We will rally together from June 9th until the government agrees to use the right process to determine the future of cannabis.

And on the agenda of this gathering, there will be an opportunity to reveal the business of pharmaceutical companies with the Ministry of Public Health. The beer and liquor business that the government mechanism serves the capital group And who holds the value in the cannabis business and benefits from the game of bringing cannabis back to drugs? And any other clues that make the Pheu Thai government want to control marijuana on 9 June, returning the future of marijuana to the people. Gather in front of the UN office at 1:00 p.m. hrs. to prepare for moving to Government House.

“We do not accept the case of the government bringing marijuana back as a drug in the first place. Then let's talk about issuing the Control Act again. We have a lot of experience. That makes you not believe that the government will actually do it. In particular, the government is surrounded by capitalists who favor giant pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, we will hold the rally until the government accepts the verification conditions. Scientifically speaking, you blame marijuana, liquor, and cigarettes.

 We confirm that we have come to demand that marijuana be controlled in the same way as liquor and cigarettes. And for community enterprises, entrepreneurs, and people who grow marijuana. will sue to the administrative court If the government still insists on bringing marijuana back to being a drug. Because it caused enormous damage,” Mr. Prasitchai said.