President of the Forensic Medical Association of Thailand Points out that marijuana must be controlled Disagree about freedom from the first day until today, I believe that even with a specific law coming out, it is still difficult to control. The reason is that it is not truly used for medical purposes. But focus on recreation Looking at everything now There should be a referendum to know the results clearly!

If we ask, "Should marijuana still be free?" What opinions do you, the reader, have on this matter? Should or should not? Why?

Previously, the news team He took everyone to listen to opinions from 'Khun Prasitchai Noonuan', Secretary-General of the Network for Writing the Future of Thai Marijuana who supports Thailand to continue to be free of marijuana If anyone hasn't read it yet. You can click on the name of the scoop below!

For today, let's try to hear opinions from 'Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith Srison', Member of the Medical Council and President of the Forensic Medical Association of Thailand who is advocating for the government to return cannabis to the drug list Moreover, during the conversation The doctor reminded us that “I confirm that I do not agree with the granting of freedom. From the first day it was unlocked until today"

Let's look at that. Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith What is your view on this hot issue? And when you read both perspectives What is your opinion?

Even though there is a specific law, it is difficult to control

Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith views that the current law makes controlling marijuana difficult. Because the police cannot go in and arrest or fine them. Have to wait for public health officials to go in and check. and carry out many more steps. But if it is another law. If abnormalities are found As long as someone notifies the police, they can go in and take action.

"Or finally, if The Marijuana Act came up. It is still difficult to control, for example in traffic cases. Suppose you encounter a person who is drunk on marijuana and hits a car and dies. I'm going to see if it's against the law. It is difficult to a certain extent because the law does not define marijuana as a drug.”

The news team asked further, showing that even though there is a specific Marijuana Act, the doctor still views that If you don't go back to being a drug addict. Is marijuana still a problem? The president of the Forensic Medical Association of Thailand answered that yes, there are loopholes that cannot be completely controlled. Even though it says do not consume while driving. But inspection is difficult. Because if it is stated that it is not a drug How can officials enforce the inspection?

It is a narcotic and can be used medically

Issues that are controversial If marijuana is brought back to drugs It will make medical use inconvenient. In this case, Asst. Prof. Smith explained that one must first understand that it is under drug laws. There isn't any problem. Because some substances are used in medicine today It is still in the Drug Code. But I don't see any point in it. For example, pseudoephedrine (Pseudoephedrine), which is a nasal decongestant. It is still in the Narcotics Code or morphine (Morphine) can still be used medically. But it is under good enough control.

“So even though marijuana will go back under drug laws, It can still be used for medical use and can be used 100% because before unlocking it was already used for medical use. But when unlocking it, it was clear that It is for recreation. At present, it should be used only for medical purposes.”

President of the Forensic Medical Association of Thailand Added that before unlocking the people involved He claims it is for medical use. But let's look at the reality now. that we see on every street corner It is not medically beneficial at all. It's becoming more and more dangerous. If not reintroduced into drugs People will understand that Playing with it has medical benefits.

“To put it simply, promoting him is against the principles. He brought it to make food. But it says it's for medical benefits. If you go see foreign things You can see that if you use it to make food. It means for recreation. It's not a medical benefit. Simply put, it's all miscommunication."

The doctor reiterated that if it is taken back it is a narcotic. People who really want to use it for medical purposes However, it's not difficult to do. because it is possible to enact sub-legislation from Narcotics Code Act

Using ancient medicine recipes There should be research references

"In the folk medicine book There must always be cannabis mixed with it. Because marijuana is a multiplier of all kinds of herbs, but since 1979, herbal medicine formulas have all weakened. Because of the lack of cannabis, therefore, in the past 2 years, we have had the opportunity to revive a new medicine formula. But it appears that it will be taken back as a drug again." The message came from 'Khun Prasitchai Noonuan', secretary-general of the Thai Marijuana Future Writing Network. Who gave an interview with the news team? Through the story scoop Cannabis Returns Drugs The results were exaggerated?

We therefore summarized the above issues as a whole before asking Asst. Prof. Smith about the case of traditional medicine. or folk medicine recipes What must be done with marijuana as an ingredient? "This one is not difficult," the doctor replied and explained. You can enact a law separate from the Drug Code.

However, when you say you can produce your own medicine. You must ask whether the medicine is a standardized formula or not. Or is there anything that can confirm safety? Which, according to principle If you say it's a basic medicine recipe Generally there will be a Thai medical plan. He uses cannabis mixed with his own formula, so why wouldn't you use this formula? But use the formula that you thought of yourself.

"That claims that a self-invented medicine formula can help. I asked if there was any research to support it. Simply put, if I say that villagers drink urine and it can cure disease. But there is no research to support it. Are you going to let people use this?”

“If there is research, I will accept it. Definitely go research it first. The research is not difficult. If you really want to promote this story You can contact a Thai traditional medicine doctor. I don't believe that marijuana can't be used. But if you'll let me believe You have to do research first." Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith Srison, member of the Medical Council Repeatedly stated to the news team.

no control Completely messed up

Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith views that at this time, anyone who wants to do anything can do it. All convenient, no need toControl anything. Everyone can do it. Everyone can sell it. Everyone can do it randomly. Whether or not you can grow it with quality, I don't know. because there is no control. Now it's all messed up. Look at how addicted young people are to marijuana. The news keeps coming out. that there are people who use marijuana Going crazy and hurting others

“Now it's a mess. And it will become more and more messy if it's not dealt with. Moreover, marijuana makes the mental illness situation worse. and more dangerous,” President of the Forensic Medical Association of Thailand. Repeat your opinion to us.

For the issue that Thai cannabis has been accepted throughout the world. Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith points out that it is not related to drugs or medicine at all. Because the breed is accepted all over the world It is used for recreation. But if you still claim to develop the economic species At this point, I think it can be done. I went to ask for permission to comply with drug laws. which they were already able to do before that has a group of enterprises growing and delivering it to doctors

Use marijuana and you won't go crazy. It's about the person

As for the matter of using marijuana, will it make you crazy or not? Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith explained that it depends on the person. Compared to amphetamine, some people don't go crazy after taking it. It's the same with marijuana, so don't let yourself be the judge. Because there is already clear research that Marijuana can make you crazy.

“Cannabis has a sedative effect. Has a hallucinogenic effect This point is definitely there. I must say that it really depends on the person. Some people have been using it for 20-30 years and have had no symptoms. But some people use it at once. Until he had hallucinations and had to be sent for treatment. There is something like this."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith went on to say: In terms of the factors that cause hallucinations It might just be a matter of genes involved. But it still can't be proven. Even though there is some research coming out to support it. But the results cannot be summarized 100%, so I will emphasize that It depends on the receptors in each person's body. Not so during this period where amphetamines are rampant. We've all seen people haunted and messed up, so you can't just refer to yourself.

Bring it back to drugs, hold a referendum and look at the results again

Another issue that many green belts question is Entrepreneurs who have already invested, what should they do? Because the risk of loss is very high, which Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith The short answer is that you should sue the former Minister of Public Health. He has made mistakes since liberalization. Because of the agreement with the Narcotics Control Board that there would be a control law before announcing the release. But in the end, there still isn't any.

"Or seriously. These matters can be issued with transitional provisions, such as taking only what you have planted. Unless you can sell for 5-6 months, after that you can do other things. As for the nursery You can move to growing hemp. which has even more benefits than marijuana."

The president of the Forensic Doctors Association of Thailand stated that people already want people to go back to being addicted to drugs. Because the percentage of people who use it is already smaller. Let's look at the poll that he came out of and found that more than half of the people who responded I want it to go back to being a drug addict. All the problems that are happening right now were wrong from the beginning. There is no place in the world that does it like we do.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Smith Srison, Member of the Medical Council reiterates this point to the news team that I still say and confirm the same thing. Marijuana should go back to being a drug. I don't agree with freedom. From the first day of unlocking until today

“These things depend on society as well. In the end, I think we should bring it back to drugs first. Then try to make a referendum. Do the people want it to be free? If the referendum comes out, Society wants to be free. Here I accept Because other places do this. But in the past it was caused by the desires of just one party."

opinion poll results: 'Cannabis is a drug?' 

The news team would like to refer to sample survey results from the 'Nida Poll' opinion polling center, which has surveyed opinions on "Is marijuana a drug?" between 14-15 May 2024 from citizens aged 15 years and over, distributed in every region. Educational level, occupation, and income across the country, totaling 1,310 sample units. This is a multi-stage sampling (Multi-stage Sampling). Data was collected using telephone interviews. The confidence value was set at 97.0 percent.

Survey results from NIDA Poll when asked about 'people's opinions about marijuana as a drug' revealed that 53.74 percent of the sample said it was a drug but had benefits, followed by 33.59 percent saying it was a drug. It is addictive and does not have any benefit. 11.60% said it is not a drug and 1.07% said they were not sure.

In the section 'Public opinion on the government's cannabis policy determination', for example, 74.58 percent stated that it is for medical benefits and treatment of disease, followed by 19.39 percent that the government should not issue any policy. To support cannabis or cannabis products, 10.53 percent said to support the creation of legal cannabis products, 7.40 percent said to create income for the general public, and 3.21 percent said to support entertainment in society. The other 0.99 percent said they did not know, did not answer, or were not interested.

Entering one of the issues that many people are asking about is 'bringing marijuana back into the drug list'. The survey results from NIDA Poll found that 60.38 percent of the sample said they strongly agreed, followed by 15.27 percent that they somewhat agreed. With 14.50 percent indicating that they do not agree at all, 8.93 percent indicating that they do not agree very much, and 0.92 percent indicating that they do not know, do not answer, or are not interested.

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