Add life to life with Appointment for life weed Quality music on a Saturday night Held at Welder, meet 18 artists, 6 bands, 6 DJs, 6 shows for 6 months, soaking up the atmosphere for the Weed life throughout. February-June 2024

Whether you are happy, sad, lonely, suffering in different flavors.

If you like to eat vegetables, invite friends. Come join us to recharge our hearts. Charge energy for life

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LIVE MUSIC 1 June #Welder Hall

  • Greasy Cafe Alternative indie rock
  • Dylan and John Folk Duo
  • Melodic sync Alternative/Indie Rock

LIVE MUSIC 31 May #Skull Square

  • Guanranteen Alternativerock, grunge, punk
  • HOT SUGAR TH Alternative metal funk
  • Saltfield Alternative Rock
  • Gigamon accidentally sounds

Selected by experimental